“Lumpy” and “falling off the cliff and climbing it again” are some of the things our clients with seasonal businesses tell us about their cash flow. With most overhead bills continuing each month when cash flow may be stretched, or when you ramp up for the incoming season but haven’t enough cash to get in the right amount of stock. This is where Invoice Funders experience and ease of doing business can help our seasonal clients.

Working with Invoice Funders we can help flatten the lumps by funding up to 85% of approved invoices. By removing this constant cash flow stress you are free to continue to develop your business and develop strategies to bring more sales into your low season.

This means you can slowly turn your seasonal business into an all year round cash flow performer.

With our Service You Keep Control

With Invoice Funders you select which invoices to finance, so you’re always in complete control of your cash flow. Company owners find that Invoice funders are the most competitive in the market and there are NO hidden fees.

Invoice Funder’s single invoice factoring can give your business up to 85% of the cash from unpaid invoices. For example, if you are owed $10,000 by a customer, we can lend you the full $8,500, usually within 24 hours.

By using Invoice Funders for your growth requirements, you will be partnering with an independent provider with years of experience offering invoice funding solutions to New Zealand business. We believe in building close working relationships with all of our clients, after all, we’re not a distant bank or dodgy financier… We’re in there with you…. Making a difference.

In addition to working with a company that has a strong focus on integrity and professionalism, you will benefit from our competitive rates. We keep our costs low so that you get the most cash possible.

Why you should use Invoice Funders

  • Less frustration with customers paying you late.
  • No knock-on effect causing you to delay payments to your staff or suppliers
  • You can stop wasting time chasing payments
  • There is less of an impact on business cash-flow as a result of late payments

If you would like further information about how our flexible factoring solutions can help your business, please call us on 87 65 5841.