Invoice Funders helps you survive and grow

Invoice funding, invoice discounting, and invoice factoring can help you in an area that most businesses find challenging, and that is cash flow.  At Invoice Funders we free up cash from your unpaid invoices for you to keep the bank happy and further expand your business.

Why wait 30/60/90 days for payment… Invoice Funders can have the funds in your bank today!

Most businesses fail because they run out of cash

Cashflow is the most important financial item for business. Without cash to pay suppliers and staff many businesses fail.

Invoice Funders can provide that much needed cash injection when you need to pay your suppliers and staff. We bridge the gap between when an invoice is issued and when it is eventually paid, giving you an immediate source of cash.


Invoice Funders helps your business grow

Many of our clients use our services to expand their businesses. Your strong customer base might not produce the cash flow that indicates the quality of your service and your potential for growth.

By borrowing against invoices that are already raised, you reduce the amount of time wasted managing cashflow while receiving a welcome injection of cash into your business.


At Invoice Funders we are flexible. You can borrow small or large amounts at up to 85% of the value of your invoices.

Improve the sustainability of your business

With Invoice Funders you can be assured you are not taking out a business loan that you cannot pay off.

You are borrowing money against invoices that have already been issued, a simple and stress-free way of sustaining your business.

You don’t need to secure your loan against other assets

An additional advantage of using Invoice Funders is that your loan does not need to be secured against property or assets. We work alongside your existing banking relationships helping you get the most out of existing credit lines. The biggest 5 New Zealand banks recommend our services.

How much will invoice funding cost me?

The flexibility of invoice funding means it often costs less that other financing options. This cost will depend on your business situation and on how much funding you need. At Invoice Funders we deliver a cost-effective and adaptable solution to help you manage your cash flow challenges.